So we return back to work after the much needed two week break. It seems like most of us still haven’t had a chance to chill out, but none the less we continue. I’m really excited to start this project and get going with the actual production of the game, as I enjoy seeing the results of my efforts more than thinking about them. I’ve missed working in a team so I’m looking forward to the same dynamic I had with Jess and Millie at the end of last year.

We’ve also started to think about revisiting Eldritch at some point during the year and continuing it alongside our other work to develop our skills and create a really polished segment of a game much like the vertical slice now, but without the time constraints. We had a lot of good ideas that we can now implement that we know more about the game making process.

Following the results of last semester, we have decided to advance my course mate Aaron William’s Game Design Document – SoundEscape. To begin we started to look at the asset list produced by Aaron along with any accompanying artwork or specifications that we would need to be able to produce the concept work and working assets for this game.

The team consists of:

Claudia, Jess, Aaron, Oli, Cameron and I. These teams were chosen by Bobbie and Millie and were designed such that we covered all of the bases, skill-wise to be able to produce these vertical slices. It was also based on the projected work loads that we may encounter in the project. We began by having a meeting to ascertain what we wanted to produce and clarify what we all thought we would be making for a ‘Vertical Slice’. We then decided that from Aaron’s GDD, we would attempt to produce:

  • 3 Environments
  • An Enemy from each Environment
  • An Object from each Environment

It was decided that it was imperative that we had a mechanically complete prototype produced as quickly as possible so that we could make sure that the game-play was fun and engaging. This also means that we have as much time as we need to produce the assets required. After working out what we’d needed to produce we split ourselves into preferential roles as follows:

  • Aaron – UI, Programming, Music
  • Oli – Objects, Animation, Background
  • Cameron – Characters, Assets, Objects
  • Claudia – Levels, Backgrounds/Objects
  • James – Enemies, Weapons, Tiles, Assets
  • Jess – Cutscenes, UI, Characters.

Wrapping up our first meeting we went away and studied Aarons GDD and were tasked to produce a mood-board to see what feelings were invoked. It was great to get back into the productive mindset from first semester, however I think for a lot of us we’d yet to take our foot off the gas pedal. It will therefore be important to factor in sufficient break time to ensure we don’t burn out during the project as that will inhibit quality of work produced.

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