Reflective Journal 28/01/2016

I have decided that the most effective way for me to reflect on my studio practice is in this blog so that you can see my thinking and design influences alongside the work that I post also.

We met for the second time as a newly formed team just to ensure that we were still on track for our first set of deliverables. Keen to make a good impression as I haven’t worked with a couple members of our team yet I arrived with my Moodboard already completed and I was happy to hear that Jess and Cameron had both done theirs too.

I was also pleased that Cameron turned up with a Tracer concept already drawn out which was also surprising. It was a very retro-neon design which inspired me to look further into Aaron’s GDD to look for defining elements and prompts for me to use in my character designs. I set myself a list of tasks to be done for our next meeting which can be found in my Notebook. It was important that after looking into the work Cameron produced that I needed to look further into incorporating musical influences in my designs.

We also talked about the Scrum method for use in our projects which I think will be very beneficial. Its in use already in many top tier games studios and therefore we should follow the example! I have been appointed Scrum Master and the duties that surround this include, ensuring the team can work on the project without having to worry about timing issues or any other distractions. I will make sure to budget for enough time to finish the game with time to spare, avoiding a crunch and allowing time for portfolio evaluation at the end. I think it’s better to avoid having the owner of the game also be the game lead, as it ensures you have more creative freedom with assets rather than someone protecting their “baby”.

I think that these team meetings will be an invaluable useful experience as we continue throughout the project to ensure deadlines are met and everyone is clear with the work they will be expected to produce. It will definitely help us to learn in preparation for next year as we will have a better idea at time-frames for the most intensive parts of a project, like concepting and bug-testing.

I’m looking forward to the next meeting and seeing what everyone has produced!

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