Reflective Journal 01/02/2016

During this quick meeting during James’ Workshop it was decided that I would take on the role of Scrum Master. I was quite pleased to take on this role as I feel I’m capable of performing this administrative task. I’ll be in charge of providing us with tools for managing our Product and Sprint Backlogs firstly, and when required a Version History and Change Log. I researched various methods of project management and for a little while we were using Asana which is a powerful tool I’ve wrote about in another post of my blog.

Despite this members of my team didn’t gel well with the software and therefore to my disappointment we have decided to scrap it. However Trello is now the home to our Project Backlog and does the job rather well. Its quite adapted to the SCRUM methodology so I’m pleased with our transition. Also as the project develops I think that Dropbox will be a good place to host our builds and assets as the ability to share folders with our entire team will be an invaluable tool. It will also be important to set up Version Histories and Access Logs in case one of our builds breaks and we have to revert to a previous version. Especially with the iterative method that this project is designed to target, we don’t want to be caught with a broken build without back ups to return to or study from.

I think this role will better develop my management skills so I’m quite excited to undertake this duty. It means that if I am to take on the same duties next year I’ll be well prepared and able to lead my team effectively. As I’ve heard many times, you need to be a Leader not a Boss, which involves learning what best motivates your team mates to improve efficiency and enjoyment with their work.

This role will also help me with my future career as management roles are often coordinated wrongly and poor relationships can form between bosses and employees. I hope these kind of roles will help me to understand the best way to approach these scenarios. I hope in the future I can help my team to better interface with new technology to ensure that we maintain efficiency and potentially alleviate any organisational difficulties they may face. However people feel comfortable with what they know and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.



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