Reflective Journal 02/02/2016

Trying my hardest to make this less like a diary but…

Today we presented our moodboards in our team meeting. There was a lot of promising things jumping out a me which was exciting and definitely got me in the mood for designing. The colour schemes and landscapes which people found were inspiring and there was a good mix between pixel, neon and traditional art.

At this point we still didn’t really know what kind of art style we wanted for the game so this meeting was imperative for nailing that down for some more intense concept work. Cameron produced some really good Eddie concepts unfortunately they wouldn’t work too great in-game but it was suggested that they could be used in the cut scene we want to produce. Oli came up with some really great background concepts and we were discussing how to move that into high quality pixel art.

Comments on my Moodboard were positive with a focus on the Pixel and Neon GIFs that I had found. However for my Enemy designs despite good feedback we’ve opted to go forward with more Geometric over Humanoid designs. Also we need more of a dance music influence.

After meeting with the team I now feel more confident moving forward with my concepts. I am also impressed with the work we had produced and its good to see that the team is still on track. Its also great to see the quantity of work being produced in these weekly intervals. The weekly meetings are working well and I think we will definitely continue to enforce these over the length of the project. Attendance is currently good which I am surprised to see but hey I can’t complain. Discussion has been open as we have both a Facebook chat to put forward our concepts to the team and we regularly see each other face to face.

Everyone seems happy currently with the workloads they have at the moment and therefore I think my role distribution and assignment of responsibility is working well. No qualms as of yet and I think everyone appreciates my efforts as the Scrum Master. Its useful to know that my style of leading is working well and I think I’m fairly open to discussion about stress or work loads to help my team members work efficiently. It will be beneficial over the coming weeks where deadlines are far more important and the experience is definitely aiding me with this task.

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