Second Meeting

This links to my Mood-board I produced as tasked from the first meeting. We had also been asked to produce a few various concepts from the areas we’d decided to take on from the first meeting. Personally this included a few concepts for the Enemies. These can be seen in my Sketchbook but essentially I was working from the names of the enemies as a ‘prompt’ and seeing what ideas and feelings they evoked to design my enemies. I also looked closely into Aaron’s descriptions of each enemy to build up a form for them.

For example the word ‘Sentinel’ immediately makes me think initially of a large lumbering entity that silently watches and patrols an area for signs of disturbance. I took this and Aaron’s description that the Sentinel both Patrols and carries a Shield to influence my initial design. I did the same with the Seeker and the Tracer and examples of this can be seen in my Notebook and Sketchbook. I really enjoyed working on these initial concepts especially since we hadn’t decided on an art style or feeling for the game. I personally looked into pixel art as Aaron mentioned he was influenced by that style of gaming when he was designing SoundEscape.

Additionally in the time between our First and Second meetings we had a lesson on Scrum methodology and a Project Management session. In these sessions it was determined that we would need a Scrum-master and a Project Lead type person to ensure that the other members of the team stayed on track. In this case it fell to me to achieve this end and at this moment in time I am designated as the Scrum-master. It was then up to me to find a way to best display the Product and Sprint Backlogs to the team along with a Burndown Chart. Additionally later in the development process we would need a Version and Access Log along with an Administrator Calendar. I am also in charge of making sure our Quality Assurance is carried out at least once a month to see if we can feasibly reach our end goal. Currently Trello and Dropbox will be used to collate our files and display objectives. We were originally working from Asana but the team decided that they weren’t meshing well with it and therefore in our best interests it was scrapped.

Continuing with the Group Meeting, I’ve noted down all that was produced in my Notebook. We basically used this meeting to define an Art style and a feel for the game such that we could produce further concepts and get everyone on track. We decided that we would have two different styles for the Cut-scene, one for the outside world and one for within SoundEscape. Additionally we took inspiration from various pixel artists like Robertson and specifically pieces inspired from Dark Souls such as the one below to influence our art style.


We then assigned deliverables for the next meeting which again can be found in my notebook. I’m excited to produce some further concepts for the game!



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