Reflective Journal 08/02/2016

Today we met and discussed a load of valid points and deadlines which can be seen on our teams Data Wall. I learned that some aspects of our project will take longer to develop. Without this invaluable meeting I don’t think the scope of the project could’ve truly been appreciated and for this reason, I continue to support these weekly meetups. They are an important occasion to inform our progress and as a point of learning for our Third Year and deadlines in Industry. I feel like it is integral to develop an efficient work flow for the next year.

Claudia was invaluable for sorting out our mechanics as she stumbled along a possible overkill of mechanics we have in the game that could potentially overwhelm the player. We discussed this during the meeting and Aaron is confident that we should be able to continue without cutting anything from the game. I trust his judgement and after the meeting am as confident as he is on this point. As Scrum Master I’m making sure that any possible issues are sorted out quickly and without disruption to our pipeline. We don’t have any personal problems within the team and our working relationship is solid and I get on well with every member of the team. I feel like this is a stark contrast however to the other team.

Throughout the meeting I took a moment to think about the progress we are making as a team and the work people are producing and I am confident and excited with the direction our game is heading. Additionally we presented the work we were set for this week. Everyone hit the deadline and I was particularly impressed with Jess’ and Cameron’s work. Especially as we took one of Jess’ Sentinel designs and pushed it forward, it was great to have some of the ideas we brought to the meeting finalised and appreciated. It’s useful for future reference, I’m noting down information in my pad all the time regarding team dynamic and time frames so we nail this for next year. I feel like we’re in a strong position compared to the other team and It gives me hope for the future as this learning will allow us to create a great full game next year as long as we continue to refine our work process and communicate effectively.

Today we also sat down and cracked through our Product Backlog and Sprint objectives for the coming weeks. We took the time to work out the Hours involved and it really opened my eyes to how much we need to produce but also the timeframe involved. We have decided to aim for a set of deliverables done for the halfway point – just before Easter- which can be found on our Data Wall.

For next week I aim to produce more work towards the Sentinel Concept and work on the Tilesets as I feel like I could’ve produced more work for this deadline. To achieve this I will dedicate more time experimenting with Colour and Form.

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