Third Meeting – Sprint One Begins

Prior to the beginning of this Third meeting we sat down and ascertained what we wanted to achieve by the halfway point. For this project that’ll be just before our Easter break. This is what we’ve decided on:

  • All mechanics – Player, Objects and the Sentinel.
  • SFX for Eddie and the Sentinel done.
  • A music track
  • Storyboard for our Cutscene
  • UI Finished
  • Tutorial Level Design

We have split this up into three, two week sprints which can be found on our Trello. I have also updated the Trello with our entire Product Backlog and the current Sprint Backlog.

This took far too long.

Jess has also created our 6 week list of what we’d like to achieve and this can be found on our Trello. It includes all Internal and External testing to make sure we achieve the experimentation needed in our brief. As Scrum-master I will endeavor to make sure that work is being completed and move people between tasks if absolutely necessary. We have a Facebook group chat to maintain conversation and meet at least twice a week to stay on target.

Our Third meeting so far managed to cover a lot of ground. Instantly a design by Jess for the Sentinel was met with interest and we decided on that style for the Enemy which was a breakthrough. Otherwise you can see my notes from the meeting in my Notebook. Colour palettes were decided on additionally which was great to confirm. Finally we assigned deliverables for the two week Sprint and completed our first Initial test of the Player mechanics. The testing revealed that we found that the mechanics worked well, however they were a tad jumpy which can most likely be fixed with animation. They were responsive and the Wall jump was coded excellently by Aaron. Other things to note were that the gravity was perhaps too weak and that the Sprint needed to be more noticeable. I’m pleased to see the progress that we are making and how the game develops. It was at this point that I realised that some of our initial estimates for timing could be changed and how I had the ability to move people around the roles to alleviate some of the pressure members of my team were facing regarding their deadlines.

We also sat down and worked out the timings that we have left in particular. I have estimated a end of April finish for the game giving my team a few weeks to sort out their documentation and portfolio for assessment which I feel is more than enough. I’m happy with the progress we are making but I feel like Oli and Cameron’s work ethic needs to improve or we may have to reconsider their roles in the team.

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