Reflective Journal 15/02/2016

The meeting wasn’t as particularly profitable as our previous meetings and I think my lack of sleep and general mood didn’t do much to help the day. However there are a couple of points which need to be raised.

There had been a distinct lack of communication that I noted between Team members which angered me due to our Facebook Chat being an open channel of communication that people should have been using. However to combat this I had a large discussion with the team that we need to be communicating about concept work far more regularly. This is because we walked into the meeting with Jess and Cameron both having opposing concepts about what the enemies should look like which not only is a waste of time but it could have simply been solved with more communication.

From the above issue it was also decided that we should make sure we maintain more of a consistent art style throughout the project. A lack of an Art Director hurts us but I also feel it should be the responsibility of the entire team to communicate to insure that artwork doesn’t start to fly off in random directions. Therefore to combat this I have enforced that concepts are posted to the Facebook chat as they are done so we can decide as a team if the direction of a particular asset is going in is favourable. This will continue to be necessary as we progress into Year Three to make sure that no one wastes time by veering off and producing inadequate work.

I also noted that a few people were unhappy after the meeting which irritated me because I always ask during the meetings that if people are unhappy with a particular part of the project or have no idea what they should be doing. They should be approaching me or bringing it up instead of staying silent. However on that same tangent, I am the Scrum Master not the Project Lead and it should be everyone’s priority to maintain the same levels of work and communication. Overall the meeting wasn’t bad in terms of work load but I felt like the mood and drive wasn’t what I wanted it to. I’m sure after speaking with the team that we will be back on track for our Sprint Deliverables.

It’s also given me an opportunity to evaluate my role as Scrum Master, I should make more of an effort to interact with my team members if they seem confused or disheartened about the quantity of work. This also gives me the knowledge to better manage the project and keep my team motivated, I think I will factor in break weeks into our next project to make sure everyone is focused. This should be achievable without the necessity of a crunch period at the end as long as everyone works to their best ability outside of ‘holiday’ periods. Leisure Time is very important and we try to bring people out on nights out whenever possible to give some people time off.

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