Sprint One – Halfway Point

We met up today to discuss our current progress on our sprint objectives. I’ll cover my own work in this blog post and discuss others work in the reflective journal. Basically for the end of this first sprint I wanted to have finished both the UI and the Tile sets for the game.

These were my Initial Tiles developed from the Moodboard, I considered the colour scheme and art style previously defined for the game. Very Neon and ‘Glowy’. It gives off a very retro vibe which we were shooting for when we first started designing for the game.

These then developed thinking about the different tile variations I would need, such as the corner and single bordered tiles.

I then looked at thinking about maybe filled tiles where it appears as if they’re popping out? They could also change colour sequentially with the beat or when the player touches them? These would all be viable options just to give the world some life.

I quite like these as a tile concept as they have a little bit more going on than the previous two variations.

These were the final square tiles I developed maybe for use in the initial tutorial level as they’re fairly basic and I wanted to experiment further with different shapes and styles. Further information on my process can be found in my Sketchbook. I then wanted to play around with various other shapes so I worked on looking at other shapes that would tessellate and work in a Neon Dance world.

This involved looking at triangles to fill out the corners in the level layout. I also looked at hexagons which I really enjoyed working with.

These were picked out from my mood-boards as the neon colours we would be using. I particularly like the purples and greens. I then looked at transparent and ‘popped’ looking tiles as the player could walk behind them and still be seen?

Based on these I then went a little insane looking at creating the 64 x 64 pixel tiles that could be used to tessellate to form our foreground tiles. I really enjoyed creating them all but particularly like the stained glass window tiles and the 3D tile on the bottom right and I further experimented to see what a larger section of the platforms would look like using these tiles.

These are 128 x 128 Pixel sections using my tiles just to show that they tessellate correctly. I am particularly proud of the 10th design that uses 3D hexagons and Glass bubbles as its a different aesthetic to the others. However after meeting we had decided on a final Tile set which I’m proud to show here as I achieved my goal of finalising the Tiles in my week.

They have a transparent background to allow us to alter the background colour within Unity and let you see the player behind them if we wish to build tunnels in the level design.  It contains all of the bordered tiles you would need to create a pattern. Here is an example platform created to show case my work.

Example Platform

The team seemed proud of my work and I was happy with the quantity I produced. For the forthcoming week I now need to research good UI design and work on the Charge bar and the Inspiration Meter

We also need to be prepared to make alterations if necessary. For example the tiles could be too difficult to read when the player is moving about and therefore will need to be changed. The image below details the tiles in game and further alterations will be discussed on my blog.

Tiles in Use


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