Reflective Journal – 22/02/2016

Meeting went well today. I’m much happier with the Teams progress than I was last week. My team were pleased with my UI designs which I am really happy about as I didn’t think I would be much help with the Pixel art. But instead I’m really getting to grips with it and I’m glad to say that we have decided on the final charge bar and animations which exceeds my Sprint Tasks! It’s been a really good learning experience and despite my initial doubts I’ve been able to make a more than worthwhile contribution to the team. I’ve expanded my ‘T-Shaped Skills’ and feel like I would be able to be useful next year if the game was either 3D or Pixel art. Its disheartening to have very little time to practice my modelling as a result but I will take the Summer period as an opportunity to do this.

Claudia’s work I was insanely pleased with as her method of showcasing the level designs surprised me in a good way. I now have the issue of adapting the Platforms she has designed into in game assets but I can always go to her for assistance. The shapes were nothing like I expected and they really inspired me for certain areas I’m working on. I was really excited to see the progress everyone had made also.

Jess’ Sentinel was presented today and I was really glad that despite the fact that we asked her to change her design four or five times and weren’t happy with her shading. She managed to power though and produce an amazing concepts. Its important to remember that none of us have done pixel art before so its a learning curve for all of us. However I think some people need to be less possessive of their work, its not easy being told to change parts. But if everyone was to focus on the final goal of producing a polished vertical slice, it may be easier on themselves?

Oli’s object concepts were good and there’s not really much more to say here however he could have done with a few more iterations? There is strong evidence of experimentation however in what he’s done and that gives us a wide variety to choose from. It may help strengthen his portfolio if he was to review every week and comment on performance and iteration.

Aaron completed all of his work on time as per usual. Pretty solid no complaints, all of the mechanics flow pretty well and we took the opportunity to get Rhys from First Year to externally play-test our game. He said that the mechanics were fun and responsive so it’s looking positive so far! Aaron’s goals for Thursday were to implement the Attack Mechanic and my placeholder Charge Bar. He’s been really good at producing for deadlines, it would be great to see him in the studio more often but his ideas are great and holding on to him for after University would be a great investment.

Cameron is really coming along but his Eddie concepts weren’t really heading in the direction we want and therefore we have asked him to go back to the drawing board . I’m impressed with the work he’s doing none the less compared to last semester but some more communication would be great. If it is to become an issue then we may have to call him in and have a conversation as a team, this would be more to discuss what motivates him and keeps him showing the enthusiasm he showed at the start of the year.

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