Sprint One – Monday Meeting

We met on Monday to discuss our progress towards the end of the First sprint on Thursday. Our team is making good progress on our goals and regarding my own work we have ironed out two of our main UI elements to take forward.

Charge Down Animation

I showed the team a variety of sample animations I have made for the charge bar, this details the power down animation for when charge is spent. This will most likely be accompanied by a ‘popping’ or ‘zap’ animation when each bar disintegrates.

Charge Up Animation

This animation shows the powering up animation for the charge bar. Charge is replenished over time and so will be replaced at a slower interval than shown in this animation. But this will be determined at a later date.

Full Charge Animation V2

This was the chosen animation for representing that the charge bar is full. This will be accompanied by a sound and additional animation. The bar may pulsate or the entire guitar will flash. I was additionally thinking about the entire charge bar giving off ‘Lightning’ as to show excess charge being given off?

Full Charge Animation V3

This was a rejected animation I made to signify that the charge bar was full and much like the animation below it could create some confusion for the player as at a glance, They might think that they have more or less charge than they actually have.

Full Charge Animation

This caused interface errors between the Player and the UI as although the animation is meant to show the charge bar being full. It could easily be confused when the sweeping animation shows that the player has empty or three charge as opposed to full charge.

Since the animation has now been chosen I can further develop the bar to get it to a finished state. Additionally for the Inspiration Meter we have opted to use this silhouette.Closed Hand Inspiration Meter 256x256

We are then going to have the meter appear to fill the silhouette with a yet undetermined colour and a ‘Counter’ which represents the current Inspiration level and shows the number of enemies slain without the player taking damage. Which is how Inspiration is gained.

On the general meeting side of things though we are making good progress towards our first Sprint and I am pleased with the work everyone is producing. I am looking forward to seeing what we have produced by Easter.

These are the animations I am currently working on for the final iteration of the Charge Bar.

Charge Up Animation FINAL

This shows the sequential lighting that I have detailed in my second sketchbook. I was playing around with the different ways you could signify to the player that their charge was replenishing and this was the best way I have designed currently to achieve this. In practice it would flow much more slowly and match the interval of charge recovery Aaron has set.


Currently this is our ‘Full’ Charge Bar animation to signify to the player that they are able to perform attacks and have a full health bar. As yet untested in game so it may be necessary to reduce the particles if they’re too visually overwhelming but since the player will rarely be at full charge due to the pacing of the game I don’t think it will be too much of an issue. I quite enjoy the animation aspect of this project however it is a grueling process with a lot of work. The end result is thoroughly satisfying and worth the workload.

Ready before our Sprint meeting is the Final animations and Iterations for the Charge Spent Animation for our Charge Bar, These were actually quite a struggle to animate due to the sheer number of frames I was working with and due to my lack of Animation experience on Photoshop. BUT I’m learning a lot of new skills during this project which is good to know as I’m picking up Pixel Art and Animation quite quickly.

Charge Spent Iteration 3

This was the immediate reaction to the question of “How do we want the player to know that they have lost or spent Charge?” The use of Sound effects is something that we are going to tie closely with the Charge Bar so that the player gets the feedback they need quickly and effectively. However to those players that might play without sound or are better spatially aware. I wanted to provide a noticeable animation that would signify a change in charge. After producing a demo to show the team they liked the style of the animation but wanted me to adapt the circles that cascade outwards into the Lightning bolt shape to provide continuity.

Charge Spent Iteration 2

I tried to merge the circles and the Lightning together but I didn’t particularly like the choice of colours I used here so I thought if I switched it up it would look better?

Charge Spent Iteration 4

After swapping the dark circular background with the bright blue I decided that these just looked far too messy for our game and I decided to pursue the scaling up of the Lightning Bolt itself so it appears to ‘Pop’.

Charge Spent Iteration 1

I got a lot of positive feedback from the team regarding this animation and therefore I chose to push it forwards to a finished animation.

Charge Spent Iteration 5 FinalCharge Spent Iteration 6 Final

I produced these two finished Charge Spent Animations and the team have elected to use the second one as it is more detailed and finished. The background of each fret fades out as the Lightning Bolt expands to give a smoother transition and gives a sense of finality to the bar of Charge. I had a lot of fun making these despite the time investment and at some times, frankly boring nature of frame by frame animation.

HOWEVER we now have a completed final set of animations for the Charge Bar. Which can now be crossed off of our Product Backlog! I am also pleased to say that once our tile decisions have been finalised – due to the change in direction with the Level design – that I would have completed all of my assigned Sprint One tasks which involved solely the concepts of the UI, however with one animation finished already I have managed to exceed my expectations!

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