End of Sprint One

This was the set of Deliverables we had hoped to achieve at the end of this Sprint. All were completed except for the Beat bar design and the Eddie design. Cameron was absent unfortunately so he wasn’t available to explain why his Eddie design was not completed. However we have now decided to change the role allocation to better suit our strengths and everyone is happy with the new allocations.

We have moved Cameron on to working on the Cutscene aspect of the GDD. This is because this is where his talents would be most suited and as Scrum Master I am confident he will progress further with this area than the Eddie design. We are making sure as a team that he presents his work often to ensure not only that he is completing it, but also so we can influence his ideas and work flow. If it turns out that he’s struggling on this part of the project we’ll have to reconsider his work load, however the cutscene isn’t integral for the Vertical Slice. Whether its completed or not will have no bearing on us which gives me some peace of mind.

Oli seems to be getting on better with the Background Designs than the Objects. Because of this we’ve moved him onto solely working on the Backgrounds and we will reallocate his Object work around the team. Again as with Cameron we will be closely monitoring his progress to ensure he’s completing tasks on time.

I have decided to take on the Object workload as I’m confident I can produce enough iteration for each Object to the standard we are working too as a team. I also want to make sure all of the UI is animated as we have a couple of new things to be working on as a team. I will be taking some of the work Oli has already produced for the Objects as it will not go to waste and work on producing quality objects that represent their function. Additionally I will be designing Checkpoint Markers for the game to notify the Player where they will respawn on death. I have suggested that we try and implement Heat maps to show the most common death locations to help Claudia with her Level Designs?

Jess is happy to pick up Eddie again after she’s taken the Sentinel from Concept to an animation ready stage. We will also need to look at conceptualising the Seeker and Tracer before and during Easter as we will not have time after.

12767766_1133281296685170_1166419105_nWe managed to get Adam to play-test our game and he gave us some invaluable advice about UX and Bug testing. We need to think more about testing the Player relationship with the game and the UI as well as external play-testing, also we need to have someone other than Aaron sit down and Bug-Test. However he got on really well with the Controls once we’d told him. He suggested that we added contextual help to our levels that appeared for example, just before a jump that explained the controls required to traverse that particular mechanic. This will be something involved in the UI and is something I will work on concepts for alongside the Object designs.

We also had a good look at how much we still had left to do for the project and it was quite overwhelming. We’ve noted that we need to be putting out a lot more work far more quickly which was concerning but I’m certain we can get it done as a team. There were also some changes to the project which I will explain here that should lessen our workload or change the direction of a part of the project.

Tile sets as such for the levels have been scrapped. Obviously I’m concerned as I spent a lot of time on the Tiles but the work hasn’t gone to waste as I couldn’t have known ahead of time that they would not be used. Instead we are looking at designing a series of Platforms as they better compliment Claudia’s designs. We have not yet assigned who will be designing these platforms and it’s likely that it will be a team effort.

The Inspiration meter has also been scrapped and will be designed and implemented if we have time later in the project. This is mostly because we don’t actually have any Super Abilities designed or programmed into the game and therefore the UI element wouldn’t have any purpose and would be there only for show. Therefore we decided to save us time that we will put it on the back-burner and if there is time at the end then we would think about putting it in.

As a final note I need to design a Burn-down chart and write down our Hours to better get a grasp on the scale of the project as I feel like we weren’t completely aware of how much we had left to do before this meeting.


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