Reflective Journal – End of Sprint One

As we came to the end of Sprint one we had an important meeting with Andy and Adam which put a lot of things into perspective and definitely changed my attitude towards the project.

We opted to change up the roles as our current format wasn’t working and I agreed with my concerned members of the team that we needed to have a change up. My plan was as follows:

  • Cameron from Eddie to Cut scene. He seemed far more motivated and better equipped to hand the illustrative work required for the cutscene. His Eddie concepts weren’t going so well and therefore as Scrum Master I think we will get more productive work out of him if he’s working on the Cut scene.
  • Oli from Objects to Background. Again the Objects need far more iteration than was being produced so I’ve opted to pick them up, fortunately not all of them need redesigns so this should lessen my workload. I’m excited about the opportunity to design these but also I am aware with the scale of work involved.
  • Jess will pick up the rest of the enemies and Eddie from Cameron and I’ll most likely be on hand to assist with concept and animation if needed. She’s confident with this move so I have faith.
  • Claudia will focus more on her level designs and will work on Backgrounds later into the project as she feels her workload is a little intense at the moment.

I am happy with our current progress. HOWEVER after the meeting today we all had a realisation of how much work is left to be done by Easter, and long term for deadline. This was a little bit shocking to all of us and that is why the reallocation of roles was so imperative. We are also looking into introducing 3-4 day deadlines to get work finished instead of the weekly deadlines as we can’t afford to fall behind with work.

We also had an evaluation if we could scrap any aspects of the GDD to lighten the work and get us back on track. To this end we have opted to remove the Inspiration meter firstly. This is because despite wanting it in the game for proof of concept, the Super Abilities it is tied to aren’t planned to be in the game and therefore it is in essence pointless. The Tiles have also been scrapped which I am unhappy about as I worked hard on them. However it was necessary as we have moved aware from a Tileable level design to platform heavy with interesting architecture. Therefore I will be looking at designing the platforms along with Claudia to fill this gap in artwork. Alternatively we explore how we could use flat colours or gradient to create a unique aesthetic as the contract between pixel and vector could represent the disparity between the SoundEscape World and the Real World Eddie has come from.

I’m excited for the week ahead and I look forward to updating you on our progress!

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