Sprint Two Begins!

We have a new set of deliverables to achieve by Easter after our massive role swap and work allocation change. They are as follows:

  • James – All Objects to be fully concepted. Contextual help designed and UI animated.
  • Jess – Eddie Concepted.
  • Aaron – SFX and Sentinel AI.
  • Oli – Concepts for Backgrounds.
  • Claudia – First Level done in its entirety.
  • Cameron – Story Board for the Cutscene.

This has been altered quite dramatically to our original Easter deliverables as we had a realisation at the end of Sprint One that we were slightly behind in some areas and that the Animation phase shouldn’t be rushed. We want to make sure everything is polished also so rushing the work will likely lead to errors and inconsistencies which would take more time to resolve.

I will be working from Oli’s existing Object Designs and iterating on several of the designs he has already produced. Currently the Speaker and Spectrum need redesigns. The Beat Bar and Step Sequencer need designs along with initial designs for the Checkpoint Markers. The Transposer and Frequency Spikes just need further animation as the team is pretty happy with them. I’m happy as it gives me a chance to use my creativity and influence the feel of the world we’re creating.

I’m starting off with developing some Contextual help stuff and therefore I’ve been looking at how other games have tackled this.

There is a clear theme, at least to me here about how games have introduced controls to the player. Gone are the days when you would stare at a screen and be told to memorise every control and combo you would need to complete a game. The controls are now introduced dynamically as you progress through the first level. They are also dismiss-able tool tips that explain a mechanic graphically. This is important to take on board as players seem to engage better with as few words as possible and take up a small part of the screen. I will look at developing some of these further and show my team.

These were the initial developments I made from my ideas in my Sketchbook. Number Four was the preferred and Aaron has said that he could most likely do these from within Unity. Therefore I can take this off of my plate and hand it over to him. However I may need to do some border sprites but he will let me know if and when this will need to be done.

So after I was done with Iterating some other work. Aaron came to me and said that he would in fact need some Border Sprites. Its great because we’re using the Unity system for Dialogue boxes called 9Slice. This allows us to make small 64×64 Squares which can be resized to allow for text and it only scales horizontally and vertically. Meaning that the Corners stay exactly the same and there isn’t any anti-aliasing or scaling issues. I tried a different border style but stopped as the team preferred the sleek look of the plain borders and so I did some colour experiments. These are the final borders below with the range of colours I’ve given to Aaron to work with.

With these completed it means I can go on to work on the Objects I recently took off of Oli. I’m looking forward to iterating and animating these as they are a core part of our game.


This is how they look in game but we will substitute parts of the text for the Xbox button sprites. We have decided to go with the Green Border at the moment as we commonly associate Green with being Helpful!

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