Reflective Journal 29/02/2016

Quick and brief meeting today. It hasn’t been long since the end of Sprint One and everyone has had a bit of a light weekend ready for the grind to begin anew. We spent the meeting talking about what people would be looking to achieve for the weeks ahead. We’re nearing the end of the project and I’m making sure that we’re still on track for producing all of the targets we set out to achieve.

I for example will be looking at completely finishing the Speaker off including Animation and Implementation. I am confident that this can be achieved within the next week or so and based on my work for the Charge Bar and what I have learned, I should be able to produce the asset to the best of my ability. It’s more just working closely with Aaron and the team to make sure that they like what I’m doing and that it fits the game thematically.

Jess plans to finish off Eddie Fade and prepare him for animation which I am confident she will do, she has also asked Cameron for his Tracer and Seeker Concepts so she can work on them after Eddie is done. She’s been doing really well with the animation so far and I’m really pleased with her progress. They’re well done and It’s dispelled any doubt I had about getting them done on time. I’m impressed at what she’s learnt and this will be very useful for next year if we need any animators on the team.

Aaron is looking at finishing off the Sentinel AI which would be great for Play-testing our game. He has already managed to work on the Patrol aspect and is working on the attack. We also found some really great stuff in Unity Analytics such as Death-Maps that will help with iterating and problem-finding in our level designs. Claudia could make use of this data to both increase and decrease the difficulty of the levels which would also form a strong basis for testing in our Assessment. Oli has been asked to look more into Glitch art as there is no defined art style for our Backgrounds and doesn’t even need to have dance music involved, this could become a concern if we don’t see much work coming from him. However his initial ideas have been good so I’m willing to hold out and see what he comes up with. Cameron has done some really good work on the story-boarding so far which is great. We’ve asked him to look into comic style paneling and additionally some colour palettes. But it’s difficult to monitor when he’s getting the work done and how much of it has been done, at this point its quite hard to know what motivates him and I don’t think its worth stressing out over.

The team seems motivated but the Reflective Journal is stressing everyone out and I can’t help feel like its a bit of a waste of our time.

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