Sprint Two – Object Designs

Since taking the Object designs off of Oli I’ve been looking at ways I can iterate on his existing designs and making sure the style is consistent in our game between all the various factors. I’ve been working on the speakers recently and this is what I have come up with so far!

My team quite liked the flatter designs and particularly the designs which didn’t raise too far up out of the platforms as they broke up the flow and look of the level. However a few members of my team also liked the raised angled designs that were kind of 3D looking. I will ask my team members which are preferred and I’ll iterate further. I also could ask Aaron to put them all into the Unity build to see how they look. It was quite difficult to iterate on this design to be honest, It was challenging to take the traditional speaker design and adapt it into something the Player can jump on and interact with. I think I’ve done quite well so far but we shall see how the final design looks. I’ve learnt a lot about Pixel Art in the short time I have been doing it but I’m enjoying it and its great to learn all the different skills and techniques involved.

Speaker Test

After speaking to my team and trialing some of the designs in our current Unity build. They chose design 5 for me to iterate further and experiment with further detail.

Currently trialing form and a few animations to show the team. I also need to experiment with a different colour palette that compliments our game world better. As you can see in the image above, the grey of the speakers don’t really work too well against our platforms. However now I have the base colours and pretty much all of the shading done I should be able to swap the colours out in Photoshop without a problem which will make my colour experimentation far easier.

Speaker Animation FinalSpeaker Development Spritesheet Precolour

So we decided on a final Speaker model which is great! I just need to change the colours up as stated before and design a particle effect that shows whether the speaker is bouncy or acts like a fan. I’m thinking to work with either sound waves or a wind effect?

These are the colour experiments I have for the speaker. I’m getting feedback from the team and the Light Blue seems to be the favorite for use as the final speaker. I now need to brainstorm some ideas for the effects which can be found in my second Sketchbook!Final Speaker


Here is how it currently looks in game. I think the colour choice works well as it contrasts nicely with the placeholder background. I will keep this in mind when choosing the colours for the next objects I develop. I’m still not sure about the Pixel Objects on our Vector backgrounds and I still can’t help feel like we should invest some time into making the platforms in Pixel Art for continuity’s sake.

Currently I’ve been working on several different styles as can be seen below. It is possible Aaron will be able to animate the beam within Unity so I’ve passed on my Notes spritesheet to see what he comes up with. The colour I’ve used for the Beam is neither Aggressive or friendly so the player shouldn’t associate it with causing them harm. Its more of a Utility Object.

We have decided on a final beam animations which is great. The tileset can be seen below!

It was quite fun to work on this and it is far easier to see the difference between the trampoline Speakers and the fan Speakers! Aaron is going to work on using the Music notes I have given him and I’m excited to see what he comes up with. It was quite enjoyable to work on giving the Beam that final polish, Its difficult to make your work really stand out in pixel and the nature of it means that small changes in pixel topology can throw the piece off.


I’m now planning to work on the checkpoint marker!



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