End of Sprint Two – Further Object Designs

So since completing my Reflective Journal Essay, I’ve been working on our checkpoint marker. The purpose of this is to allow the player to respawn just before a hazard if they fail to negotiate that section of a level. You can see my initial ideation in my sketchbook but after speaking with my team we decided to go with a disco ball as the most relevant and noticeable marker. I wanted to use a design that was iconic and relevant from the Era the game is set in. It’ll be great for our players that were born during the time period and hopefully there will be a strong sense of nostalgia.

I presented these initial Glitterball pixel pieces to my team to see which they preferred. I was bouncing between the idea of a disco or a glitter ball as both were fairly iconic for the time. There was a unanimous decision for me to further iterate on the second design which you can see I developed on from the others present. I need to think about how it will be animated now and any accompanying effects. The meeting was positive and I would like to have the finished Checkpoint Marker done within the next couple of days to ensure that my work flow doesn’t slow down in the final days before Easter. Andy was happy with our progress which has improved team morale. He noted that I should be more forceful with workloads and making sure that no one falls behind with their work. This will ensure that the project is completed on time, and people may be upset with me now, they will thank me when the project is done. This will be something to consider and implement next year as we will have a larger project over a longer time scale. We need to be thinking about streamlining some of the steps we’ve experienced this year, such as the concept stage. But now that we’re getting some idea of the time requirements this shouldn’t be a massive shock next year.

Our Team meeting was concluded after our meeting with Andy. For the next sprint we are planning to; Complete all Objects, Music Tracks, Enemy AI, Animation for Eddie and the Sentinel. Have the Intro cutscene set out and complete a single background. Finally we hope to have our other two level designs laid out and put into Unity to test. We need to start thinking about either a Trailer or a Making Of video also. This is more preparation for the exhibition so we have a way to present our game. The Making of would be great but we haven’t really collected any footage as we’ve been making our way through the project, and you can’t do it retrospectively. I think this is definitely a requirement for next year as we’ll need to be building a social media following from the beginning and weekly development videos would be great to showcase our progress.

Now onto Sprint Three!

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