Reflective Journal – End of Sprint Two- 17/3/2016

Sprint Two over today. Meeting was positive which I was really happy about. We have made really good progress so far and Andy is liking the work we have produced thus far. For our next 5 Week sprint we’re planning on a massive Animation binge, I’m a little bit unsure on how it’s going to go but I have faith in the team. We could potentially run out of time for the animation as none of us have done much of it before, however if we get into the groove we should be alright. Andy also suggested that we look into either a Making of… or Trailer for the game as it could help to promote our work and additionally would be beneficial for hand-in. I was content with the work I produced for this Sprint and am prepared for the next leg. I’m really enjoying the iterative process and producing game ready polished assets. There is strong value to these meetings and the reflection process as it forces us to stop and consider what we’ve done and why. It’s preparing us well for the design process next year, despite the uncertainties regarding several jobs that need to be completed during the project. The whole scrum process is definitely helping us to break down the tasks to make them more manageable, and will be the methodology we use next year for certain.

These meetings are always useful for ensuring that our progress is on track and that everyone is pulling their own weight. This module has been quite useful in preparing for the future as we will be following the same style for next year. I have been noting the timings so that we are better prepared for how much work we can produce within set periods. This will help to reduce the necessity of crunch periods which are detrimental to work quality and the team moods. If at all possible I will suggest that we up our workload over Easter so that a crunch won’t be necessary at the end of the project. Obviously everyone is in serious need of a break but I’m confident if I asked people to work a bit harder than they would have done there would be no problem with this.

The resulting Team meeting was great. Its good to know that we have been doing well and we are all optimistic about the work over Easter. We’re excited to get the work completed to see how our game looks. We can then prototype and test during the resulting time to make sure that our game is fun and interactive. Overall since the Essay hand in, everyone is in good spirits! Our progress also looks to be far more noticeable that the other team. I’m slightly concerned with the notable team members than neither attend meetings or communicate regularly with their co-workers. This has the potential to be a large issue for next year as it means people will be unwilling to work with the slackers.



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