Sprint Three Begins!

Glitterball 128

So my objectives for the next Five weeks are to complete the rest of the Objects. After a slow start during the Easter period I’ve been working on the design for our Checkpoint Marker. This involved all the concept work which can be found in my Second Sketchbook along with any other animation ideas or correspondence with the team for any amendments they may have wanted made. I’ve been thinking about the team’s progress as a whole and I think we’re in a good place to be hitting our projected finish date at the start of May.

Glitterball Off (1)

This is how the marker will sit in its off state. The player will step into the spotlight and then the checkpoint will trigger. I am yet unsure of whether this will be accompanied by text or not but I shall speak with the team and see what they suggest. In my opinion it might be nice if the words CHECK POINT popped up in a nice stylised font. Maybe even accompanied by an animation Eddie performs just to note to the player than they’ve passed the checkpoint?

This is the final animation which I worked on for the On State of the Checkpoint marker and will symbolise to the player that the checkpoint is active and it is safe for them to progress. It was quite challenging to get the pattern to look somewhat randomised but I enjoyed animating the object. If it needs more variation then I can always add more frames but I think this will be adequate for now. It was interesting to replicate the glitterball look, I wanted to try and have the ball rotate but due to my rather basic knowledge of pixel art I avoided wasting my time with this. If I have an opportunity at the end I’ll give it a go but I’d rather allocate my resources to the other objects.

Checkpoint Marker

This is the finished spritesheet which has been uploaded to Dropbox which is our choice of Filehosting. It’s been great for fulfilling the quick testing and iteration part of our brief. The ability to throw files at each other just by dragging them into a shared folder has removed all the hassle with memory sticks and It means everything is available to everyone at all times. We’ve been sure to have builds available for player testing on the Dropbox and internal play-testing has occurred weekly to make sure the game is still fun and engaging.

Mock up

Finally this shows my mock up of how the scene will look as the Checkpoint is activated. The player will step into the spotlight. The glitter-ball will turn on and Music Note confetti will shower the player. I hope this gives you an idea of the look I was going for. I will update with a video of the working Checkpoint in the near future! I’ve only got a few more objects to crack on with then I should be almost done, the game is really taking shape!

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