Sprint Three – Easter Break!

Currently working on the following Object designs, initial ideation of which can be found in my Second sketchbook!

I was thinking about how we could buffer up the Checkpoint animation to give it a bit more life. It was then I thought about how we could look at adding the kind of lighting you find at a Festival or a disco, Multicoloured Spotlighting! This would give the scene a Little more life to it and I think It would be beneficial to design and flesh out even if they aren’t used in the final game. Can’t get anywhere without testing and iteration!

These are the initial designs I came up with and worked on. Fortunately to the relatively basic design it didn’t take me too long to flesh them out in Piskel. I’ve been thinking about how to animate them and how they’d fit into a scene best. So now I present to you the Spritesheet and initial demo GIFs of the Spotlights.

I’ve also taken the liberty of adding them to the previous Mock Up I made to ensure that they follow the same visual style and complement the scene.

Mock up 2

Below you can see a demonstration of the basic Checkpoint animation as it currently is in our Vertical Slice!

CheckPoint Demonstration from James Pearson on Vimeo.

As you can see, it is clear due to the flavour text and the animation that the player has been made aware of the location of the checkpoint and that they are safe to progress through the level. It has always been a clear goal of mine to ensure that my assets are readable at a glance and require minimal clarification of their purpose.

Myself and My team are happy with the overall progress even over our holiday break so far. I’m now going to work on the Transposer. I’m going to evaluate the initial design and see what needs iterating. Otherwise It may just be animation!


This is the original Transposer design which functions as our ‘Exit’ Portal for each level in our Vertical Slice. I’m planning on running with this as the final Object Design as the team seems happy with the work Oli had done on it. I’m going to be experimenting with the animation for it now and the initial planning can be seen in my second Sketchbook.

Transposer-Primary-Anim This is the slowed animation for the Transposer without the introduction of our particle effect that we’re looking to implement. This can be done within the Unity Client but I’m going to attempt to manually draw the animation out for this as I could give a better feel. I enjoyed the challenge this is providing me thus far and am looking forward to the final result. I spoke to my team regarding some ideas for the particle animation. However after discussion I had a lot of positive feedback about one of my original ideas for the animation of the Transposer which can be seen below.

Particle Anim Test

We have also discussed using some of the Music Note sprites I made earlier for use as Particles in the portal but I’ll leave Aaron to experiment with this. I am happy with my consistent quality of work I am producing and am glad the team is content with the Objects I am producing.

I am now going to think about tackling one of the Objects that needs a Redesign before I start iterating the design process for the Beat bar and the Step Sequencer. The Spectrum wasn’t well received so I will look into researching some Iconic symbols in Music to grab our player’s attention and design a relevant Pick-Up to drive our manipulation of the player’s movements.



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