Reflective Journal – 6/4/2016

So halfway into the Easter Break I wanted to comment on the work and general mood so far. The Team is still doing well on both producing work of a great quality and in the required quantity. There has been a general decline in Work produced but that’s to be expected given the ‘Holiday’ period.

Team communication is good and the Facebook chat is as active as ever, It’s great to see our game taking form. It has been difficult getting back into the work but the fact that progress has not halted is great! We are currently working on a Web Build for collecting a wide variety of feedback that will be integral in forming the following level designs. It will be hosted on Itch.Io and hopefully we will be able to link to a survey after completion of the level. The external feedback will help us to root out anything that we might have missed bug wise, or with the gameplay. After all we have been working on this game for a few months now and it’s very easy to get too attached or tunnel vision on our work which makes it difficult to make objective decisions regarding its development.

To finish, I think that the project is going well and will aid in preparing us for the challenges in our final year. It is important to note the timings and work effort required to complete each of our tasks so that reallocation to complete certain objectives can be carried our swiftly and effectively. We should definitely keep up with social media from the start as well and make sure we collect footage for a Making Of. Video which would be great to expose our game to the masses.

I have really enjoyed working on the Checkpoint Marker and the Transposer Animation thus far and I’m happy about the creativity I’m able to use to make these objects both fun and memorable. Making the Objects readable at a glance and show what they are without accompanying information is difficult but manageable. Its always a challenge to create a popular game and It’s great to receive positive feedback from the team to ensure that I’m on the right track. For following projects I will make sure to encourage the level of discussion that we currently have as it keeps everyone on the same page and guarantees quality is consistent in all the work that we produce. I think I need to work harder on keeping everyone motivated as that’s a quality of a good leader. We definitely should engage in more breaks as it’s all too easy to burn out when working on something like this for the hours that we’ve put in. I do believe that we should be leaving the work in the studio and having weekends and evenings off some nights just to make sure that no one is getting frustrated which can inhibit their productivity and work ethic.

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