Sprint Three – Easter Break, Part 2

So when I last posted I was looking at working on the designs for our collectible Item, the Spectrum. speccy

This is the initial design Oli worked on. However the team decided that this lacked definition and was hard to recognise, being compared to a ‘strawberry’. I then looked at thinking of the different kind of objects we could provide as collectibles for our game. These can be seen in my second Sketchbook, however I had some inspiration from looking at real life collectibles from the rock and roll era.

The two that made the most thematic sense were either Vinyl Discs or Cassettes. I therefore set off to design these in Piskel to see if the look would fit well within our game.

Vinyl Base

This is the basic Vinyl outline which fortunately was very quick to draw up and iterate on. I then had to think about the shading and how I wanted the light to reflect on the disc to provide that authentic look.

Vinyl Precolour

This is what I came up with which had very good feedback following my discussion with the team. I then worked on colour variants to see what would stand out the most in our game and make it clear to the player that they should collect these.

They were well received from the team and Green was the preferred colour as it should contrast nicely with the background. However Oli suggested that I look more into the Time period where I saw that Cassettes were more widely used and were just as collectible as Vinyl Discs. I then went away and looked into how I would reproduce the cassette as a small pixel icon.

Cassette Progress.png

I had quite a lot of fun translating the cassette into pixel art and I got quite attached to it. Once I had the basic detail and form in I decided to do some colour experimentation to present to the team and I showed the Team the work I had done.

Again Green was the preferred colour so this will be noted once we have done a side by side comparison in the Game World. This will enable us to see which of the two will work better as a collectible.


This is the side by side comparison in the game world. The potential issue with the Vinyls is that the Black blends in with the background in some places. However as we don’t yet know our actual background colours this may not be a problem. I shall ask the team on their preference and we shall decide on the final Spectrum. It was also suggested that I do a basic animation for the collectible to draw the player’s attention.

Cassette Animation (1)

This is what I came up with, the bouncing animation will draw attention to the player and inform them of the collectibles importance. Now that the Collectible is done I need to work on the Beat Bar and Step Sequencers. I enjoyed the creative freedom I was afforded to work on the collectible and its interesting to develop something that was iconic to the time period.

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