Reflective Journal – 12/4/16

Nearing the end of the Easter Break I thought I’d comment on how we’re doing. Everyone is producing good amounts of work and the quantity has picked up as we near the deadline. I think the break has definitely helped us to maintain productivity and given all of us some much needed time off. It wasn’t great to know that work needed to be done and sat in the back of all of our minds, but regardless the break has given some much needed personal time to get us refocused for the rest of the semester. Our game is beginning to take shape and we’ve even had good reviews from members of Jagex who have play tested our game. It’s been really reassuring to see the positive feedback and we should definitely think of tweeting developers at existing game dev companies to get some professional feedback that could potentially vastly change some of our design viewpoints. We are staying on top of the testing and iteration as we go, as is necessary in the brief and also to shape our game.

Personally I have been working on the collectible which I had a lot of fun researching and thinking about. Considering the game’s time period and the theme It was simple to consider other collectible items from the time such as memorabilia. It’s been interesting to get my team’s feedback on this topic also as I get a wide variety of ideas that I might not have considered. Once we have met after Easter I think we will know for certain whether we will hit our goals in time but as always I am confident in our teams work and the direction the game is taking. I believe the quality of work is portfolio worthy and despite only being a vertical slice I think we have a strong basis for a game to retail.

I am impressed at the Pixel Art quality at which I am now able to produce. If you compare my Initial work to the pieces I do now and the animation that accompanies I have come a long way. It is inspiring to see how not only I but my team mates have progressed with the project and is something to consider for next years project. I feel like it would be a waste if we didn’t consider Pixel Art for our future projects but i would understand if my team mates found it tedious and time consuming.

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