Sprint Three – Easter Break – Part 3

So before I discuss what else I’ve been working on, I wanted to update our feedback.

We got a lot of good external feedback from a couple of Jagex employees which was really motivating for us and confirmed that we’re on the right track. We attended their talk a few months ago which was really informative, and I wrote a blog post about the experience. We’re giving their feedback a lot of weighting because they work at one of the top UK studios for Game Development so we’d hope that they know what they’re talking about. We also received some positive feedback from Claudia’s Survey that appears upon completion of our Vertical Slice on Itch.Io.

However we also received some constructive criticism on some areas that need improvement, its always hard to innovate. We shall be reviewing the feedback we got as a team to see what we are able to do to change areas to respond to the feedback and improve our game.

Beat Bar Progress

Recently I’ve been working on the Beat Bar for our game which is paired with the Step Sequencer. This is similar in style to the speaker effect which I worked on earlier in the project. The colour choices are so because Red is commonly associated in games with damage and should be avoided.

I experimented with different ‘cap’ shapes which can also be seen in my Second Sketchbook until I found one that I thought would work well as both the Top and Bottom end of the bar. I was trying to find something that look aesthetically pleasing and drew the player in.

Beat Bar Progress 4

This is the shape that I decided to continue working on as It looks better that my previous ideas. I also started thinking about some secondary detail I could incorporate to draw the player to the object.

Beat Bar Progress 5

The LCD screen could have some humorous shapes or tertiary detail that makes it memorable for the player. I however worked on some different Ideas and this is what I came up with.

Beat Bar Progress 6

Since the bar cycles left and right I feel like this would work well, I should be able to do a mockup which I will show the team.

Beam Mock up

The team were happy with what I’ve done but Aaron suggested removing the arrows to change up the difficulty. I’ll experiment with different things to put on the screen to give it some character.

After speaking to my team they really liked the face sprite so we have decided to go with this as our final Beat Bar. I have also found out I’ve been assigned to work on some particles for the Seekers and Eddie’s attacks, additionally I need to do some UI work but that can wait. I am now on my final Object which will be the Step Sequencer. It’s so great to be near the end of the project and I’m certainly looking forward to the Summer.






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