End of Sprint Three – Easter Meeting

So continuing on from the work I was doing on the Beat Bar prior to my return to University. We come on to the last Object I’ve needed to work on for this project.

So as can be seen in my second Sketchbook. The step sequencer is a 16×16 grid that essentially is a time restricted platforming segment of our level. They will appear in all three of our levels so it was important that I nailed this Object out as quickly as possible.

I found it would be easier to develop the individual tiles first that would form the grid rather than trying to draw the grid out initially. This gave me the building blocks which I’ve produced this grid from.

Base Step Sequencers

After consulting the team they were very happy with what I’d produced and after speaking with Aaron I just needed to create a Fill for the grid tiles that the player would know they could stand on to complete the platforming segment of our object.

This led to the development of these assets which Aaron can overlay onto the grid and code to turn on and off based on a timer. As soon as I have a video showcasing this object in progress I will show you!

I’m really happy to have completed all of my Object requirements for this project. I was initially skeptical of my ability to do these because I took the Objects off of Oli not too long ago. However my team said that they are pleased with not only the quality but the quantity of Iteration I have produced for each object.

Now I need to look at revisions for the UI as our feedback from playtesting has been rather negative and I need to look into what the bare components of the UI can be used and developed into an aesthetically pleasing interface.

Additionally I’ve been asked to work on some particle effects for both the Seeker and Eddie’s attacks which I will look at completing before the end of the Sprint.

So since our UI has received negative feedback in terms of readability. I have decided to overhaul the the component to something that more gamer’s would be able to instantly recognise such as the commonly used Heart symbol. Aaron has offered some good suggestions which I will take and use to create a really effective UI element.

Additionally we’ve had our Sprint Three concluding meeting which was really positive. Getting Jess’s Eddie animations in has made a world of difference to the game and It’s starting to get that professional polish as we near the end of the project. With the final month I’m making sure not to get complacent with the quality of work I’m producing. The plan with the newest Charge Bar is that it will be a metallic heart that will break open in 6 Segments, this will then expose your heart, taking a final hit will kill you.

I’ve really enjoyed working with my team this semester and the work has been great, we’ve progressed further than we thought we had as games designers and it shows.

I’ll update you with my work on the UI and Particles I have left to do in the next post!

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