Home Stretch

So after our meeting with Andy. Aaron and I brainstormed some more UI ideas. These can be seen in my sketchbook and below. Originally we were thinking of a Heart with orbiting metal shields to represent to the player that once the shields were used up, then the final hit would kill them. However we decided that I would iterate further and demonstrate another idea by putting it into Piskel.

So after building the Frame for the Heart, It was decided that our heart would be ‘metallic’ and therefore be segmented into 6 Pieces which represent both the Players Health and Charge. Once all 6 pieces of the heart have been used up, then a beating heart and accompanying sound effect will draw attention to the player that they can’t take another hit before a charge replenishes.

So this is currently the Flat Shaded UI that I’ve given to Aaron to put into the Game to see how it fits thematically. We’ll also be testing to see if its more recognisable for Players than the previous Flying V design that we had. I’m hopeful that with the new design It should become clearer to the player that they can’t use their charge completely freely else face the consequences of death.

Unfortunately once we’d tested the design in game. It doesn’t fit as well as we had hoped, Aaron asked to do some Iteration on this Charge Bar which I’ve had no problem with him doing. However after testing some other designs we’ve resorted to reverting back to the previous Charge Bar I designed but with a few modifications which should make it far clearer for the Player.

Charge Bar Testing from James Pearson on Vimeo.

The modifications can be seen below. However now that this has been done, all I have left to do is some Particle work for Eddie and the Seeker! I’m happy that we’re nearing the end of the project but I’m prepared to do any extra work that might need to be done If it appears.

Final Charge Bar from James Pearson on Vimeo.

Existing particle for the Seeker is a fairly simple Red Glow Ball. Which serves its purpose, however I’m going to look at possible replacements that may be slightly more relevant to the original specification for the Seeker’s weapon.

So based on Jess’ Designs for the Gun for the Seeker, I’ve done some designs that may be more appropriate. The Initial designs can be found in my Second Sketchbook but further iteration can be seen below.

So the colours are subject to change but that can be done in Unity without any problems. I sat with Aaron and tried each of the designs in game. The colour contrast was good and drew the players attention but we still liked the glowing simplicity with the original ball projectile. Therefore it was suggested that I modify the Bullet design and simplify it to retain some of that original look.

Bullet Blue (1)

The team agreed that this was a good alternative to the Ball Projectile and therefore I’m happy to cross it off of my list of things to do. Aaron is going to modify the particle trail behind it to blue to complement the colour of the Bullet sprite.

I’ve now got to work on the Attack particles for Eddie. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a similar lightning effect as the one I worked on for the Charge Bar but there’s no harm in doing some iteration.

So after looking at some different effects in my Sketchbook, I decided to continue with the Lightning design as that’s what we’re using as a stand in right now. I could always play about with some other effects but this is what I have so for for Aaron to test.

With the time I have left of this project I’m planning to review all the previous online work I have submitted, as well as work on some of the initial concept assets that we had to scrap due to a lack of time in the beginning stages. We might also work on Eldritch to bring that forward during the summer.

So I wanted to go back and look at expanding the Skill Tree in Aaron’s GDD as that gave some scope to be able to experiment with different looks for the Icons, this can be seen near the beginning of my first Sketchbook.

So the Skills I worked on here were the Adrenaline Rush and the Explosion Tiles. It was important to make them instantly recognisable when paired with the words. I quite enjoyed playing around with the different shapes and found it fun to work on something that wasn’t necessary  for a deadline as I wasn’t stressed to produce it under pressure.

Otherwise I’ve really enjoyed working on this project and I look forwards to next year. I’m focusing on reviewing my work for Hand-in and curating the Exhibition on the 27th May.

You will be able to find our initial Eldritch expansion work in my Third Sketchbook. I may consider uploading things to the blog for assessment but I’ve not yet decided if this will be the case.


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