Reflective Journal – 21/4/2016

So recently We’ve been focusing on testing our levels and mechanics vigorously to ensure that the game is enjoyable and there aren’t any bugs. Our assets are being placed in the game and every build is better than the last. I’ve finished all of the Objects I was assigned for the Sprint which was great when we had the Team Meeting with Andy today.

He had really good positive feedback but brought up a concern with Jess about how the Enemies don’t have a massively musical influence. This reminded me in future projects that we need to ensure that we stick to our theme and constantly refer back to source material. Deviation isn’t bad but we always want our base to shine through in every asset.

The team has been performing really well and I’m confident that we’re going to finish the game by the deadline that we set ourselves. Ideally we want to be done a couple of weeks before deadline to have time to go back over our portfolio’s for this project and make sure they’re the best they can be.

In terms of my own work, the team has been really positive and I’m learning a lot of things about being a leader and the work flow which could be very beneficial for next year. I think if I was to be the Scrum Master for next year’s project I would be checking up on people far more consistently to check that they’re sure about what they’re doing and to the deadlines that have been set. At this stage it’s unacceptable to not communicate or appear for Team meetings.


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