Eldritch – Personal Project

So the First year project Millie, Jess and I designed and prototyped is going to be developed further over the course of the next undetermined time period. Since this can also be submitted for assessment I thought why not put it on my blog?

Most of the initial work will be found in my third and final sketchbook. This will have our outcomes and basic design work. So we began by listing our goals for updating the game, we’re thinking of a huge overhaul of almost everything in the game and only really retaining the setting and elements of the story.

With the anticipated arrival of the HTC Vive the studio has been purchased we have decided to develop Eldritch for VR. This will enable us to really immerse the player in the world we will create and hopefully terrorize them as much as we are able to.

So to begin we’ve decided that Jess and I will be looking at creating Moodboards to get across our look and feel as well as inspiring us when it comes to initial concepts. Millie will be looking at outlining our story so we have some basis to design from.

Eldritch Mood (1).jpg

This is the first of the Moodboards I have put together. Niice is really great for finding some unique images based on keywords that just wouldn’t have been thrown up if I’d gone to google. It also has the advantage of presenting it in a clean professional layout. I was focusing on getting some relevant images relating to Horror, the Occult and common eerie settings. I found a lot of the results very inspiring but I’m going to do a further few studies into getting some moodboards together for enemy concepts and additional assets once we know the kind of gameplay we want to explore. We also need to look at researching VR and Gameplay so we make our game as engaging as possible.

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