Signly – Personal Project

So due to the emergence of some paid work, we have decided to pause work on Eldritch. Jess Millie and I will be working with Signly to create a AR app for the Deaf community using Unity and Vuforia technology. You can find a lot of my initial thinking and design work in my Third Sketchbook.

I was really excited to meet with Mark Applin and his team to discuss this project and we learnt a lot about the clients wishes and requirements for the app. They’ve given us the weekend to go away before further correspondence, this has allowed me to play around with the software and create a basic prototype, the results of which I will share below.

So the purpose of this exercise was to configure the Unity scene to display the Cube object when presented with a custom image target. This was to make sure that we could use the assets provided by the Signly team. I now need to look at getting the cube object to instead play a video file, and then respond to different inputs which could be achieved through multiple scenes or setting up multiple prompts in one scene. After this is cracked we can begin to think about UI and bug  testing for multiple devices.

It’s been important even at these early stages to begin thinking about the User Experience and ensuring that the user can interact with the app without hindrance and that all the information they require is available up front without being hidden in layers of menus.

After working on the prototype I have now been able to get the camera to recognise our custom ImageTarget and play a custom piece of video I’ve assigned to the object. It is now important for the Tech Prototype that the camera can pick up multiple ImageTargets and play different Videos based on each unique target. As long as we can achieve this then the tech is done for the prototype, it will then be necessary to create our UI and front end. We will also need to dedicate time to bug-fix for different platforms and phones.

Testing Multiple Targets and Videos

I will continue to update with discussions we have with Mark’s team and the requirements they have for our development on the project.

So we’re being commissioned firstly to develop the basic prototype over the next week. From there we will discuss pay and opportunities for further development within the company. This will ensure that if they go to Corporate companies with the product that we still have a stake, which protects both us and them from any unfair agreements.





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