Reflective Journal – It’s Finally Over

So, here we go. The final blog post of the Semester! I’m really happy to be done with the Project and despite enjoying the work I’ve been undertaking. I wouldn’t mind a change scenery at all. It’s really satisfying to know that all the hard work we’ve put in over the past few months has been worth it, the game looks and plays amazingly. You can see the effort that’s been put in and it shines through in the animation and art style. I feel like the characters have personality and I hope its enough to get people to love our game as much as we do.

Starting with the general team performance. Aaron has been an invaluable asset to the team. I believe he put in the most amount of time fixing bugs and getting all of our assets in that we’ve poured our heart and soul into for months. His ideas and feedback has always been so positive which has definitely helped to motivate us to produce work to the highest quality that we’re able to. I’ve really enjoyed working with Aaron, I feel like it was unfair however that he was the only programmer on the team but that can’t be helped due to Millie being the only other programmer in the class. But for next year to produce a game for release there will definitely need to be more than one programmer per team. I feel like he’d be absolutely necessary on a team next year for his innovative ideas. I’d love to work with him to bring them to fruition.

Jess as always has been an absolute machine with the quantity of work that she has produced. Especially as she had to handle not only the Concept work for all of the Enemies and Eddie. There was also all of the animations to tackle which she has done excellently and without complaint. My only suggestion for her would be to chill out once in a while which has been discussed but I understand It’s difficult to get out of that working mindset on such a coursework oriented course. She’s responded thoroughly to the feedback that has been given regarding any designs or animations that needed alteration and I would definitely want to work with her again next year.

I hadn’t worked with Claudia prior to this project, however the rumors are true and she works day and night tirelessly to produce excellent level designs. I’ve managed to glimpse her working process and I’m amazed at the depth she reached when working on her tasks. her rather uncommon approach allowed us all to fully understand what she was working on and it’s quite rare that you have that insight into another persons work. Again like Jess she could do with some more forced leisure time just to allow the brain to relax but that’s something that we could work on next year. Overall an excellent team mate and would not have an issues with working with her next year.

Oli has surprised me during the length of this project. Initially it was quite hard to get him focused on his work as although he completed many of his commitments. They lacked iteration or development, to this end I had to take the Object tasks from him to ensure that they were completed to a standard I found adequate. However he’s come on leaps and bounds since Easter to create some really great Backgrounds that we’re very happy to have in the game. He’s also been working on some of the smaller details such as shooting stars which really add a final polish to the scene. I think as long as we can hit the ground running with Oli in future projects I wouldn’t have any problems with working with him. I would also suggest that we maybe incorporate his strong photography in the project as that is something that we could capitalise on for more of a marketing role?

Cameron. Cameron’s a difficult one, Initially he had lots of ideas and was making some really great suggestions to the team at the beginning of the project which can be seen in some of my first Blog Posts. However since Christmas he tended to peter off which hasn’t been great for getting some of his assigned tasks done. We moved him onto the Cutscenes once Jess had taken Eddie off of him which definitely seemed more suited to his talents. We haven’t seen much of him recently which I feel has negatively impacted the project. I feel like if he’d been more active on the chat or made more of an effort to come in we could have really helped him out with his grades and the quality of the Cutscene. However I haven’t had any personal issues with working on a team with him and I think if I could have better motivated him this Semester then this review might not have seemed so negative. I think I could work with him next year as he’d be a great alternative to some of the other unfavourable members of the class.

Now for my personal performance. After the final Sprint meeting on Thursday I think I’ve done well as the Scrum Master. This of course can only be backed up by what my Team think of me and my opinion doesn’t really matter but based on their feedback I’d like to say I did a good job. We avoided the dreaded crunch period and I think I’ve left everyone on the team enough time to finish their documentation for hand in this Friday. I began the project not really sure on what I could contribute. Largely coming from a 3D background I was always scared that I wouldn’t have anything to do if we went for a 2D game. However after being assigned the Tile work and initial concepts I began to enjoy working with Pixel Art and found that it was less tied to drawing ability and more to do with correct Pixel Topology. Which ties in rather nicely to my 3D experience. I also had the confidence to take the Object development from Oli and use my new found skills to produce some really great designs for use in our game. This has given me a lot of anticipation for the future as I’ve showed that I can grasp new skills quickly and this is certainly going to be beneficial for my professional career. I’m eager to begin thinking about concepts for next years work and I’d love to continue working in a Team environment with equally motivated individuals

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